20 Great Resources for Design Inspiration

Are you looking for ideas for a new company logo, business card, email newsletter or a website? Finding good examples of visually pleasing and effective marketing materials can be tough if you don’t know where to look. Get inspired by the best by visiting these 20 great design inspiration websites.

Logo Design

LogoFury.com - This gallery contains over 3,000 logos for inspiration.

LogoPond.com – View more than 2,000 logos selected to be top notch, or if you’re really feeling stuck for ideas, browse through the more than 50,000 logos that have ever been submitted to Logo Pond.

LogoGala.com - This gallery allows you to browse logos by color.


Business Cards

Flickr Business Card Gallery by Daily Poetics - This flicker photo set contains numerous business card designs.

Creattica.com - Creattica showcases logos, websites and business card designs.

E-mail Marketing Designs

Campaign Monitor Email Gallery - You’ll forget you’re looking at emails after viewing this gallery of beautiful email marketing campaigns.

Website Design

A search for CSS galleries will bring up pages of websites that feature designs that not only look great but also follow the latest web standards. Here are just a few.

CSSMania.com – This gallery is continually updated with beautiful, standards compliant designs which you can sort through by business type.

CSSDrive.com - CSS Drive lets you sort through featured websites by number of columns, color and design style. The gallery also showcases beautiful navigation menu designs.



SiteInspire.net - Site Inspire contains various websites that can be sorted by design style, theme and type.

Colorgorize.com - Colorgorize lets you sort websites by color.

CSSUberClean.com - This site features simple, clean designs.

OnePageLove.com - This gallery features websites that say it all in one page.

Ecommerce Website Design

CartFrenzy.com – Cart Frenzy features some nicely designed ecommerce shops that you can sort through by product type.

CartCraze.com - This gallery allows you to sort through its featured online shops by industry.

And More

TheDesignInspiration.com - The Design Inspiration features the latest logos, websites, illustrations, fonts, photos and patterns all in one place.

DesignFlavr.com - This gallery featuring websites, illustrations, photo manipulation and more.

ColourLovers.com - Coulour Lovers is a great place to find inspiring color schemes and patterns.

These websites are full of great design inspiration that will keep you entertained for hours!

Feel free to comment. What are some other sites with inspiring designs? Did I miss your favorite design inspiration site?

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