6 Reasons Website Visitors are Like Toddlers

If you take a look at my blog, you might notice that I haven’t written much since 2010! What happened? I got pregnant, and life as I knew it changed, for the better! I now have two beautiful little girls, a two-year-old and a four-month-old. After observing my oldest little girl, I realized toddlers could teach businesses a thing or two about their website visitors, because they have a lot in common.

1. They move fast.

Try to take a picture of a toddler, and you’ll realize you better have your camera set to speed shooting. They don’t like to sit still! Website visitors are the same way. They want to find what they’re looking for FAST, and if they can’t, or even if they do, they’re out of there unless something catches their attention. Unless you’re Facebook or Pinterest, your website visitors aren’t going to spend all day on your website. So make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for, and give them a good reason to stay a little longer.

2. They’re eager to learn.

Just as toddlers love to learn new things, your website visitors are coming to your website more often than not to learn something new about your business/product. They came there intentionally! They don’t need to be advertised to; they want to know more than they’d find in an ad or flyer. Give them as much helpful information as you can, and provide it in an organized, simple to find and read manner. Make it easy to scan (remember, they move fast), but don’t sacrifice important details. You can always link to a page with more details for those hungry for more content.

3. They like pretty pictures.

While you don’t want to bog down your website with too many images, it’s nice to have pictures to break up content and help illustrate concepts/features. And if you’re selling a product, people want to see it up close before making a decision. Plus, pretty pictures can be useful for grabbing attention. Evaluate your website and determine where images are most helpful and where they’re not needed. The perfect balance can make your website visually pleasing and effective in getting customers to go where you want.

4. You have to listen closely to understand what they’re saying.

Sometimes my little girl says the same thing ten times before I realize what she’s saying. Customers don’t always come outright and tell you what they’re thinking in a way you understand. Sometimes you have to look closely. Evaluate your website analytics to see what visitors are doing, read what customers are saying about you in other forums/blogs, or get involved and talk to your customers. You may discover something simple you can change about your website or even your product to make people happier.

5. Their temper tantrums attract a large audience.

A screaming temper tantrum in a public store is going to turn a lot of heads. Similarly, if you make customers angry enough, they will tell everyone they know, and with social media, this may be millions of people. While you may be able to ignore a toddler’s tantrum, customer complaints can stay in public view indefinitely. It’s best to do what you can to make your customers happy and respond to complaints quickly and professionally. Sometimes this can turn an unhappy customer into your biggest fan!

6. They’re always changing.

Last week she loved red beans, but this week she won’t eat a bite! Just like toddlers, website visitors are changing and evolving. The web in general is always changing. If you create a website and leave it alone for a few years (like me, whoops), it gets stale and outdated. Constantly tweak your website to find out what works and what doesn’t, then continuously analyze the results for changes and trends.

I bet I could think of more examples, but one thing a mom of young children and a business owner have is common is that there is never enough time in a day!

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