Marketing Tips from Ascension/Baton Rouge Locals

The hardest part of marketing a business is determining which methods will generate the best results. What really works? I’ve asked some Ascension and Baton Rouge locals to give their best secrets for generating business for their companies. This is what they had to say:


What has generated the most business for Success Now over these past 13 years?  Two key marketing strategies I learned from my own father, which led to his amazing entrepreneurial success, despite all the obstacles he had to surmount:

  1. Doing all within my power to help my clients and audiences succeed as much as I want to succeed.
  2. Providing service which exceeds expectations, regardless of what is necessary to make that possible.

Carol Pierce, Owner
Success Now


Social media marketing has increased the sales of Sweet Wishes Café in Baton Rouge by about 18 percent. There are 3 important criteria for a successful social media campaign. First, there must be engagement (conversation). Second, your company should offer unique, compelling offers that can’t be found elsewhere. Third, take into account SEO (search engine optimization). Meeting these three criteria translates into more customer recognition, loyalty and sales.

Tiny Malone, VP
Advantix Marketing


I have spent thousands of dollars on traditional marketing but have found that the best form of marketing is to network and build relationships.  I do IT and mobile technology consulting, and most people could care less about the technical details about the technology they use.  They mainly just want it to work.  While working with clients, I try to break down complicated techno babble into simple terms.  I also try to find out more about my client, what their business is about and what they like to do in their free time.  Attending networking events, such as Ascension Chamber of Commerce events and BNI groups, helps to find new relationships to build and associates a face with a business, something that traditional marketing usually doesn’t accomplish.

If you are not asking for referrals, you are missing out on the most effective form of marketing.  After I complete a job for a client, I always ask them who they know that could benefit from my services.  If you are doing your job well and have built a good relationship, your satisfied client will help you grow your business.  There have been many times where I was competing with some larger IT companies to sign a client, and a referral from one of their colleagues or friends helped to get the job.

Ben Marcel
Wireless I.Q., LLC


What we at the Mac Consulting Group have learned, as we try to get the word about our Apple Training Courses, is that indirect marketing works best.

Allen Hancock, President
The Mac Consulting Group, Inc


Don’t be silly; think smart like “Smarty Pants” and market your business. Branding means prosperity. 

Karlyn LeBlanc
Smarty Pants Village - Premium Service Educational Toy & Party Boutique


At PLUSone, we’ve relied upon the success of our last project and that relationship with our clients to lead us to our next success story.  We make every effort to treat our clients like VIPs, and this has led to repeated referrals and ongoing project opportunities.  This level of attention to detail and customer service dovetailed with our unique service offerings in our industry has led to our success.

Fritz Embaugh
PLUSone Design + Construction


Thanks so much to everyone who shared their secrets for success! At Success Designs, we’ve found success with two key ingredients: Networking and SEO. Networking through the Ascension and Baton Rouge Chambers of Commerce has helped us to meet several potential clients, and handing out professionally designed flyers, seed packets and business cards at these events has certainly helped us to stand out. We also receive several inquiries from our website from those who’ve found us in search engines. We have worked to rank on the first page of major search engines for key terms, and we provide lots of information on our website to stand out and keep potential customers interested.

Feel free to comment. What are some other great marketing tips? What has generated the most business for you?

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