Success Designs Owner Launches Stationery Products

Success Designs owner Mandy Porta has featured several of her stationery designs at an online store at*. The new store offers photo cards, invitations and wall art tailored to moms with modern taste.

Mandy Porta Stationery DesignYou’ll find birth announcements, kids party invitations, Christmas cards and more all designed by Mandy Porta. “I’ve always enjoying making custom invitations for my personal events, and sharing some of these designs with others seemed like a good idea,” Porta said. “It’s a great creative outlet with no strict guidelines or corporate deadline pressures.”

Since having a baby girl in June 2011, Porta has shifted focus with her Success Designs business. “Now that I have a family, spending time with my little girl is number one. I have been very selective about new projects,” Porta shared. She is expecting another little girl in April 2013.

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unctarheel77 said on February 27, 2014:

Funny…“stationery” is misspelled!!

Mandy Porta said on February 27, 2014:

Thanks for pointing that out. I’m normally a stickler about grammar, but I completely missed that.

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