Tools for Business Growth

Like planting a garden, marketing a business requires careful planning, constant care and routine analysis. From breaking ground to analyzing results, listed are seven tools/tips to help you evaluate your marketing plan and grow your business.


CultivatorCultivate your foundation for marketing, and break ground to allow room for expansion. Set goals and map out a marketing plan. What material do you have to work with? Do you know what to add, remove, or change in your marketing environment to improve its condition and foster business growth?


TrowelDig for new marketing opportunities. Create space and prepare for new additions to your marketing landscape. Are you ready and able to accept new marketing opportunities that present themselves? Do you know the limits of what you can support?


TransplanterTransplant existing marketing strategies to achieve maximum results. Reallocate resources to areas most in need. Is it worth sacrificing print production quality to save on printing costs, if it means you can afford better design? Will switching from postal mail to email marketing really achieve the same results, but for less money?


WeederWeed out stubborn, outdated marketing practices once and for all! Do the same problems keep resurfacing, inhibiting the health and overall success of your marketing effort? Perhaps it’s time to update an old logo to more accurately represent your current brand image, or maybe you could let go of that Yellow Pages ad you bought years ago, pre-Google?


SeedsPlant the seeds for business growth. Put new marketing strategies into place. Is it time you add social media to your company’s marketing mix? Does your website have a mobile site counterpart? Have you considered developing an iPhone app?


Watering CanNurture your marketing efforts. Continue to supply your marketing efforts with the resources they need to remain strong. Are you running ads but not investing in the writing or design of them? Do you have a website but haven’t yet integrated search engine optimization?


Water SensorAssess your needs for success. Evaluate your marketing efforts on a routine basis – are they producing the results you desire? What adjustments can you make to improve performance?

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Entrepreneur said on March 26, 2010:

I really enjoy your analogy to the garden, and your graphics are wonderful. Can you do anything for those of us who might need a bit of fertilizer?

Bill Anderson said on May 19, 2010:

Thank you for your unusual concept and humor.
Let’s get a trovel and go to cultivate our gardens.

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